Dynamic Warm-Up for Runners: a quick guide to an easy pre-run warm up

dynamic warm up for runners

You know you need to warm up, you know it will help prevent injuries and set you up for a better run, but when push comes to shove that ten extra minutes translates to an extra mile, or maybe a shower instead of dry shampoo or making breakfast instead of grabbing whatever you can on your way out the door.

Why a dynamic warm up?

When it comes to improving your running and staying injury free it really comes down to the little things: like warming up dynamically before a run.

A dynamic warm up is a great opportunity to:

  • prep the nervous system for what it is about to do

  • practice proper movement patterns

  • mentally prepare

Prime the Body

A dynamic warm up primes the body by activating and engaging the muscles and tendons you’ll be using on your run. These simple moves activate that mind-body connection helping the muscles to fire more smoothly.

Activate the Muscles

If you have chronic hip or hamstring issues, you want to activate the glute pre-run in a series of targeted moves so that it knows , “Hey! You’re up! it’s your turn!” Including a few activation exercises or form drills in your dynamic warm up is a great way to make sure that the muscles that should be working are ready for the job.

Mind Gym

A dynamic warm up is also a fantastic way to transition from what you WERE doing to what you are about to do. Moving through each exercise mindfully can help signal the brain that you’re on to something new. So often we rush from one thing to the next with little transition between the two, but slowing down a bit can help you become more intentional with your run.

Do you do a dynamic warm up pre-run? What are your favorite moves?


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