30 Minute Strength Workout for Runners

We all know that strength training is complimentary to running. But if you've ever been injured and found yourself in physical therapy, what you may have discovered is that strength training isn't just complimentary to running it is ESSENTIAL to avoiding injury and running strong.

Avoid Injury

Increases in overall volume and intensity can bring to light structural weaknesses and imbalances, possibly sidelining a runner with injury. Taking time during the week to address major areas of weakness (core, hips and glutes) can prevent injury in the long run.

30 Minute Strength

quick (1).png

This quick guide will help you put together a solid strength workout. Don't have 30 minutes? Modify the number or exercises, sets and reps to fit it into your schedule. These are best performed 2-3 times a week after a run.

Getting Started

Familiarize yourself with each move Choose three exercises from each column. For Example:Lower Body: pendulum lunge, single leg deadlift, body weight squatCore: bridge, side plank w/ leg raise, bird dogUpper Body: Kettlebell row, reverse fly, push up

Create your workout

Now group them into sets of three, with one exercises from each column:Set 1: pendulum lungebridgekettelbell rowSet 2: single leg deadliftside plank w/ leg raisereverse flySet 3: body weight squatbird dogpush up Perform each exercise, as many reps as you can for one minute each. Repeat each set three times before moving to the next set. For a higher intensity workout, don't include any rest between exercises or sets.Do this workout twice a week before or after an easy run.Have you ever been injured? Did it change the way you looked at strength training? What are your go-to strength training moves?-SarahWant to check out my training and daily musings? Follow me on Instagram. Or connect with me here, I love getting emails from readers!Email: RunFarGirl [at] gmail [dot] comTwitter:@RunFarGirlFacebook:Facebook.com/runfargirl262Pinterestpinterest.com/runfargirl