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Hi! I’m Sarah Canney.

I’m a runner, writer and the founder and host of Rise.Run.Retreat.

I’m really glad you’re here—connecting with new friends is on my list of favorite things to do along with running on snowshoes, climbing mountain summits and sipping IPA on the patio with my hubby, while we watch our kids play.

I love running, it has taught me to relentlessly believe in myself in the pursuit of my own dreams, and sharing that with others is my passion.



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Whether you’re a new runner or are trying to take your training to the next level, I’ve got you covered with injury prevention, strength workouts and overall training tips.

I’ve taken my 16 years of experience as a runner, a RRCA and USATF running coach, and provided content on topics ranging from marathons to mountain running and everything in between.

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Love the snow? Or maybe you’re like I used to be and hate the cold and winter? Either way, snowshoe running is worth a try if you live in a climate where snow and cold dominate the landscape for a good part of the year.

I’ve taken my experience as a member of the USA National Snowshoe Running Team, plus my experience racing at the World Snowshoe Championships and put together all the info that will take you from newb to pro.

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How do you go from a place of self-loathing so intense it manifests itself in an eating disorder to a place of confidence and presence in a life of joy?

My journey to better body image took nine years, but it doesn’t have to take you that long.

On these pages you’ll find my story, helpful perspectives on body image + eating disorder recovery and intimate conversations with the people who supported me throughout my journey.

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I learned the hard way that running during and after pregnancy was no time to be a hero. After my second pregnancy and a prolapse scare, I spent my third pregnancy doing everything the “right” way.

And thanks to all the pelvic floor physical therapy was able to return to running leak-free and stronger than ever. You don’t have to make the mistakes thanks to the experience I’ve gleaned, and I share it all in a series of posts dedicated to help you avoid the major missteps of pregnant and postpartum running.

Come hang out with me on Instagram! @runfargirl

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