Post-Baby Comeback: 12 weeks postpartum

It's hard to believe that, as of last week, I'm 12 weeks postpartum and Liam will be three months (!!) old this Saturday tomorrow. Last week was a little nutty in our house thanks to potty training, so I needed my runs more than ever. Nothing tests my patience and taxes my ability to deal with messes quite like potty training. I was determined to have a different experience potty training Jack: less tears, less tantrums, less angst than there was with Sophia. Which is why we waited until he and I were both ready to tackle it. I'm happy to say that after a very shitty (quite literally) week he seems to have caught on really stopping in the middle of playing to go pee and peeing in a public restroom with no problems. Like, wow. He fought it until he got it and when he got it, he really got it.

But enough about the potty...

Last week I had a very solid week of training: I hit 8 miles for a long run and ran just over 20 miles for the week. I slacked off a little on the cross training and physical therapy so that has been my focus this week. Here's how last week shaped up:

Monday: off

Tuesday: (early morning) 6.0 mi; 52:31; 8:44/mi I thought these miles would feel easy after running the 10K pushing the triple stroller on Sunday, but it was tough and every bit as effort-full as any other run.

Wednesday: (early morning) 3.75 mi; 32:48; 8:49/mi Three easy miles followed by 6 strides. Felt tired but good on the strides. Followed by PT moves: clamshells, standing leg raise, prone leg raise.

Thursday: (early evening) 4 mi; 39:52; 10:00/mi I wanted to go and run Gunstock again, but my had to work late at the last minute and I still wanted to get a run in. It was so hot we'd been inside most of the day and we all needed to get out. So I packed up the kids and headed to the trail. It was about 95% humidity so I dripped sweat the whole time. But we got it done, spent a few minutes at the playground and made it back to the car just before a huge thunderstorm blew through.

Friday: (mid morning) Strength training. 2 rounds, 1 minute each of body weight squats, plank, bird dogs, bridge both legs and single leg, clamshells, prone leg raise, standing leg raise, pull ups, reverse push ups.

Saturday: off

Sunday: (mid morning) 8 mi; 8:26/mi It was hot, hot and the sun along the coast was scorching. But I managed a good pace and even though I felt like quitting at some moments and walking home, I kept going and finished strong. My last mile was my fastest.

As I build mileage I'm gaining confidence. My plan is to spend August building mileage and then in September head to the track to start up a few speed sessions. And I've got my eye on a late September 10K, I know it'll still be a while till I reach the fitness level I was at last summer, but I'm eager to race again (without the triple) and see where I'm at.


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