Post-Baby Comeback Training Update: 11 Weeks Postpartum

postbaby comeback postpartum training running

postbaby comeback postpartum training running

The name of the game this past week was "Embrace the Hill." There was a lot of hill running this week including a mountain and a hilly 10K pushing the triple. I may not be running track workouts but these slow, hilly runs have my heart rate up where it would be if I was running around the track. So I know I'm gaining cardiovascular fitness with each tough workout.

And thanks to some specific and dedicated physical therapy I've strengthened the deep hip rotators of my glute and my hips are back up to speed. My core, hips and back are feeling stronger than they ever have before. I noticed it most during the down hill portions of the 10K when I was braking the weight of the stroller with my body-something that would have made me pee my pants just two years ago. I feel solid. The kind of solid I felt almost 12 months postpartum with Jack, not 12 weeks like I am now. I haven't had any leakage issues (not even running down the hills of the 10K on Sunday) and what aches I have had I've immediately dealt with through physical therapy.

For the first time I feel like I have a solid structural base to start building my running training on top of. That's a good feeling.

Here's the breakdown of last weeks workouts:

Monday: strength and PT. I honestly don't remember exactly what I did. I didn't write it down either. I think it was some upper body strength and then PT drills that focused on hips and glutes.

Tuesday: (mid morning) 3.0 miles; 10:10 pace Our first triple stroller run. Pushed the kids for a stretch of .63 miles back and forth on a flat portion of road near our house. I didn't want to tackle any hills with that thing and where we live is nothing but hills...except .63 miles near our house. The triple is a beast.

Wednesday: (early morning) 5.0 miles; 8:32 pace. Five solo miles that felt relaxed and smooth. A really good run. Followed it up with stretching and PT: clamshells, single leg raises, prone leg raises and my glute activating drills.

Thursday: (evening) 3.0 mi/49 min. Drove to our local ski area and ran the maintenance road with a group from my club. 1.5 miles up, 1278 feet in elevation gain and 9-25% grade. It's a tough run/hike with gorgeous views at the top!

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: (morning) 6.24;9:58 pace. Ran a hilly 10K pushing the triple. Tough but we did it! Read the race recap HERE.

  I'm looking forward to the week ahead and really starting to build mileage.