Post-Baby Comeback Training Update: 9 weeks postpartum

Last week. Last week is a blur. Where did the details go? Oh yeah... Seriously. We may have gained a third child, but I lost my mind in the process. So last week started off with rest. Three days off from running. The rest was self prescribed to try and deal with some tightness in my gluteus medius. I did some strength exercises but nothing intense. Thursday I made a trip to the PT. I got good info from her and left knowing what was causing the soreness in my gluteus medius. It hasn't really bothered me at all since then and I know I'm dealing with the root of the problem, not just foam rolling and hoping it goes away.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: (early morning)

2 rounds of each set 15-20 reps of each exercise

Pull-ups Side plank Prone leg raise Toe taps Bicep curl

Reverse pull up Plank push ups Bird dog Butt kicks Tricep kickbacks

Wednesday: (early morning)

Two rounds of 20-30 reps with 5lb weights Shoulder press Bi curl Tri kickback Arm raise

Bridge pose Single leg bridge Leg raise

Trunk twists Standing crunch

Thursday: (mid morning) 4.0/8:52 pace. It was a GORGEOUS day here in NH and the boys and I enjoyed it thoroughly while Sophia was at camp. This included a stroller run along the coast.

New Hampshire Stroller Run

New Hampshire Stroller Run

It was Liam's first stroller run and Jack made sure he was OK. I love catching a glimpse of those sweet, unscripted moments between siblings.

Stroller Running

Stroller Running

Friday: (mid morning) 6.0/9:22 paceI met up with one of my favorite bloggers and a real-life friend: Allie. I met Allie at FitBloggin' last year. She not just a super fit mama (hello USA Duathlete!) she's also incredibly genuine--which I love. We ran one of my favorite trails by Lake Winnipesaukee. In my mind I didn't think we'd run more than four miles, but the two mile mark of the out and back course came and went and we were chatting away. I felt like I could have gone on forever at that point, but I was pushing Liam in the stroller and knew that I wouldn't be feeling like that in a few miles. We ended up running six which was a longer run than I'd anticipated but felt good anyway.

Running Friends: Vita Train 4 Life

Running Friends: Vita Train 4 Life

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: (early morning) 4 miles/8:32 pace. I was so tired, but I wanted to get one more run in this week and have a little bit of time to be alone. So I got up and got moving early and I was so glad I did. A nice easy paced run. I spent the majority of the time focusing on activating the muscles in my glute. And the rest of the time it was just me and my thoughts working things out and getting ready to go back and be Mom and Wife. Most days I just need that time in the morning to "get the cranky out" and to not be "needed."

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Ever feel like you just need to get the cranky out and a run is the way to do that?


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