Winter Running Tips for All Conditions

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Winter running definitely presents some logistical challenges that can be inconvenient and difficult to deal with. Sometimes mother natures throws us curveballs that are hard to navigate if you don't have access to a gym or treadmill. Running in the cold week in and week out can zap our motivation and be a big obstacle to getting planned runs done.

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If you're finding it difficult to get out in this winter here are a few tips to running through all conditions winter may through your way...yes, even ice;)

When it Snows...

Running when it is snowing can be so much fun! I've found that the footing is actually pretty good on snow, it's after the storm is over and the roads get plowed that the footing gets a little dicey. Take it slow and focus on the fun of getting out there instead of your paces.

  • dress to get wet, fresh powder quickly melts onto warm bodies so expect to get wet

  • wear an outer shell like a breathable jacket you might wear on a rainy run

  • waterproof shoes will go along way in keep you feet dry and warm

  • a brimmed hat with a fleecy warm hat on top will keep the snowflakes out of your eyes and make visibility better

When it is Icy...

Icy conditions can be scary, especially black ice. I've found that the worst footing is actually the morning after a warmer day, followed by a cold night.  The now piles melt down and leave slick, black ice along the road making running difficult. Here's what I wear:

  • micro spikes (Stabil Icers)

  • screw 3/8" screws into the bottoms of your shoes

  • slow your pace

  • swap out road running for snowshoe running

When it is really cold..

I've been out in some pretty cold conditions (real feel of -15) and as long as you're dressed well the running isn't so bad. Making sure exposed skin is covered and dressing in layers is key. Here are a few other tricks for staying warm:

  • duck tape the toe box of your shoes or wear waterproof shoes

  • extra layers on your core, glutes and quads can make a big difference. Merino wool underwear and a running skirt are great extra layers.

  • wear mittens and if you can a pair of gloves underneath

  • wear a balaclava or buff over your face to warm the air and keep exposed skin covered

  • put aquaphor or vaseline on exposed skin to help create a barrier against wind chill

Tips for running in all winter conditions

Tips for running in all winter conditions

What advice do you have for winter running?


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