Running it isn't easy, but it is an invitation. Will you accept the invitation?

I keep coming back to this quotefrom Devon Yanko, ultra runner for Oiselle. In the documentary, Life in A Day by Billy Yang, chronicling her journey to her third place finish at Western States 100 last year, she talks about abuse she suffered as a teen at the hands of her basketball coach. [You should watch the whole thing, but the segment I'm referring to is from 28:00-33:50].

It is clear that as an adult she has healed, moved on and is in a healthy place now thanks in part to running. Reflecting on her past she said, 

"I've fought really hard to be who I am now."

I hit pause. I've fought really hard to be who I am now.  It felt so TRUE for me. I feel the same way about my own past and struggles with anorexia and bulimia. Recovery wasn't easy. For every step forward there was two steps back.

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I fought really hard to be who I am now: free. 



And running has been part of that fight.

Running has taught me that I can do what seems impossible.

Running has taught me that a relentless pursuit isn't futile.

Running has taught me that inside me is more strength, more courage, MORE than I ever thought possible. 

Running isn't easy. It's an invitation into an uncomfortable place filled with doubt, difficulty and struggle. When we accept that invitation, we find within ourselves truth, strength and resilience.

We overcome the 'it isn't easy" and make it our own, and when we do that the possibilities in other areas of our life are endless. 

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Another Oiselle athlete, Stephanie Rothstein Bruce (those Oiselle women are badass!) showed just what those possibilities can be when we believe MORE for ourselves. Last weekend she ran a personal best in the 10K at the Stanford Invite breaking the 32 minute mark. She said of her accomplishment,

"That moment asked me to define myself, and I did."

She worked really hard to show up in that moment and be able to accept the invitation that was waiting there for her, the invitation to become the person she'd been fighting to be.

Photo Credit: Oiselle

Photo Credit: Oiselle

You don't have to be a stand out ultra runner or a sub 32 minute 10K runner to accept the invitation that is knocking on your door. We're all working our asses off, we're all fighting to be something, someone: a better mom, a better friend, a better runner, a better co-worker, a better something. Not because we aren't enough as we are, but because there's an invitation to be more ourselves. And when we are more ourselves, we're pretty amazing.

When you're lacing up your shoes this week or packing lunches for your kiddos or catching puke in the hallway or rocking sleepless babes or pulling together that proposal for work or picking up the phone to call that friend, think of it as an invitation to be MORE you.




I was a guest on Lindsey Hein's podcast "I'll Have Another." We talked about everything from snowshoe running to eating disorder recovery. You can listen to our conversation HERE.


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