Postpartum Update: Four Weeks

As of today, Liam is officially one month old. I feel as if I'm still caught in a time warp, where our days feel ridiculously long but time seems to be racing by. Liam has gained three pounds since birth (!!) and is weighing in at 10lbs. I feel like we've found a rhythm to our days now that he has settled into a schedule. Which means we've been able to get out for some fun activities in the past few weeks including a trip to our favorite trail for a nice long walk.

Now that I've hit four weeks postpartum I'm feeling anxious to return to running. I didn't have a strong desire to run until this weekend. I am eager to set some goals, register for races and make plans. Even though I'm eager to race again, I'm finding myself really excited about the work. Mostly because I feel informed and I'm not in a rush. Racing will happen when my body is strong enough.

My labor and delivery we incredibly short and uncomplicated, and I came through unscathed (no tears or abrasions). Even though everything went well I've been working over these past few weeks to prepare my body to run again. Here's what I've been doing:

Kegels: For the first week postpartum this was my focus and the only thing I did. They will continue to be part of weekly routine.

Walking: I started walking in my second week postpartum. At first my walks were slow and easy. But I picked up the pace in my third week postpartum and was walking much more briskly this past week. On all my walks I've been pushing two kids in the double and carrying Liam in the Ergo Baby. My walks have ranged from two miles to more recently 4 and 5 miles.

Hab-It DVD: I've mentioned this DVD, it focuses solely on pelvic floor strength. I've been doing the moves since two weeks postpartum and will continue with them indefinitely. They are essential to a strong pelvic floor and core.

Glute and Hip PT: I brought out my PT cards from last summer and have been going through those exercises starting at two weeks postpartum. Most of them are very easy and low impact, but essential for regaining stability through the core and hips.

Form Drills: I've been working on very low impact form drills (no high knees or butt kicks here) such as leg swings, forward lean and lunges since two weeks postpartum.

Barre: I wasn't sure when I would be able to get back to barre class after having Liam so I purchased Sleek Technique at the recommendation of a friend. I've been doing that this past week for the first time and find that it's a great low impact workout that doesn't include any exercises that could be harmful (diastasis and weakness of the pelvic floor can be exacerbated by some core strengthening moves). I purchased the DVD, but they also offer live streaming workouts.

Today I see my women's health physical therapist for a my first postpartum assessment. I'm interested to hear where she thinks I'm at and when she thinks I'll be able to return to running. Fingers crossed the work (and rest) I've done in the few weeks has paid off.

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