The Homestretch: Pregnancy Update



There's something about "8 weeks left" that feels like the homestretch of pregnancy. I can get my head around counting down now...instead of counting up.

The last two weeks I've really "felt" my pregnancy for the first time: I was very irritable, very tired and very uncomfortable. So when I got hit by a stomach but last Monday it actually came as a bit of a blessing in disguise. I slept ALL DAY on Tuesday (I was nauseous, wanted to throw up and felt a bit feverish) but honestly sometimes that's what it takes to get me to slow down, stop and rest sometimes. So I had a day of sleeping. Felt a little better on Wednesday and spent all of Thursday trying to re-fuel my body to wake up Friday with more energy than I've had in a while.

Which meant I was good to go for my race on Saturday and have carried that energetic feeling into this week.

Puke and rally. Puke and rally.

And I finished pulling together our taxes...just in time for the accountant to take over (if I tried to do them myself my head would explode). Which means I'm not nearly as stressed as I was last week. Taxes have stressed me out since my first job scooping ice cream, when my Dad thought it would be a great 'real world' lesson for me to do them myself...he never told me you can hire people to do it for you. I much prefer that method. Worth.every.penny. But I still manage to stress about it??

So with eight weeks to go I'm ready to start "getting ready." Which means a perfect storm of spring cleaning and nesting is about to blow through this house...better watch out. If you leave it on the floor it's gone. Forever. When it comes to de-cluttering I can be ruthless (heartless even). With toys especially. Sophia still asks where the talking Elmo went...and he's been gone for years.

So with that here's how things are stacking up at 32 weeks:

Running: Not much. Only two runs last week for a total of five miles. The race was great because I had company and I ran last night with my run club and that was also enjoyable, but running just to run (especially if it's on the treadmill) is not so much fun. Once the weather warms up (if it ever warms up) I may find myself outside and running again. But right now I just feel uncomfortable. Full of baby and slow. It might be time to hang up the running shoes and jump on the bike.

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Cross Training: I managed zero cross training last week. But I managed to get to barre class on Sunday. My goal this week is to get back to the Hab-It DVD's (pelvic floor and core exercises) which I haven't done in a few weeks.

Appetite: I bought a chocolate mousse cake at the grocery store on Monday and bagels and cereal. I can't seem to get enough carbs. Seriously that's all I want to eat and I'm not really a cereal-lover or a all (I do however like bagels, especially 'salt bagels'). Perhaps that explains my punchy attitude...too.much.sugar.

Heartburn. I'd never had it until late last week. I'm guessing it may have been leftover ick from the stomach bug, but man. Not fun.

Baby: He is large and in charge in there. Super active and apparently the owner of a BIG head, according to the midwife (yipee). He particularly likes digging into the ribs on my right side. I'm looking forward to meeting him.


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