I ran my first marathon in 2003 in 3:52. From there my times got slower and slower, until after running a 4:11 in 2007 at the Rock n’ Roll San Diego marathon I gave up hope at qualifying for Boston. But the belief that I belonged, that I could call myself an athlete, never died. In fact, it has propelled me farther than I ever imagined: to a 23 minute marathon PR, countless 5K wins, and a top 10 spot at the 2019 World Snowshoe Championships.

If there’s anything I believe it’s that with hard work and relentlessness you can achieve anything you want.

A breakthrough is just the final entering of a place you believe you belong.
— Lauren Fleshman

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I tried to run a Boston qualifying marathon time for nearly two years, coming close but always just falling short. That’s when I reached out to Sarah for coaching. Four months later, my race day came and I ran a 3:27 marathon - PRing by over 9 minutes, placing second in my age group, and qualifying for Boston by a margin I never would have expected possible four months prior
— Anna M., North Carolina

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