[book] renew - roadmap to better body image

Renew Cover.png

It has taken many years…

for me to get to the root cause of my eating disorder and come to a place of complete recovery and freedom. At times I had sufficient help and support and at other times we couldn’t afford therapy or treatment--in those times I felt alone and stuck. What I have learned along the way is what this book is all about. My hope is that something good will come from the darkest places I’ve been, that through my journey from shame to freedom you will find inspiration, encouragement and the tools necessary to find your own freedom. Even though my story was born from a struggle with an eating disorder, you don’t have to have a clinical diagnosis for the principles in this book to apply. Changing the way you think about yourself, what you believe about your body, what you think is possible for your life--that is not easy, but it is possible and so worthwhile. With this change comes freedom, joy, presence and ultimately total renewal